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కృతజ్ఞతార్పణలు చెల్లించుచు ఆయన గుమ్మములలో ప్రవేశించుడి కీర్తనలు పాడుచు ఆయన ఆవరణములలో ప్రవేశించుడి ఆయనను స్తుతించుడి ఆయన నామమును ఘనపరచుడి.

Daily Devotion



The main intention of designing Songs of Jesus Ministry is to group all the Christian songs on one platform. I greet you all on behalf of Songs of Jesus Ministry,

We are not able to add the names of lyricist, music composer and albums in the app. but, if anyone of you knows the complete details of the song or if any song added is composed of your own kindly contact me. By doing so we can add up your names to those songs. As of now we have made lyrics of 2000+ telugu Christian songs available to you in the app. If we are not able to add the details in this edition, they will be added in the upcoming edition.

If anyone has any objection of adding your songs into Songs of Jesus Ministry website, please contact me immediately so that I can remove those from the website right away. In the same way if you know any of the lyrics of the songs please let us know so that we can add them up into the website. Therefore, your albums will be known to everyone through this website. I request all of you to pray and cooperate with us.

We are Spartans of Christ. We started a ministry ‘Songs of Jesus Ministry ‘ our aim is to rejoice in Christ through the message of Gospel. We were lost once upon a time now are redeemed. We greet you all in the name of our Saviour lord Jesus Christ. We launched website and app with his love and strength. Let glory be to him. We thank all the crew who extended their hands for this blessful launch. The main aim of this app is to raise the fallen children of Christ. We all know God will be glorified through songs. David rejoiced in God through songs of praise and glory. As of now we added lyrics of few worship songs. Our target is to push in at least 500 song lyrics every 3 months. Do uphold our work in your prayers and extend your hand in helping towards our ministry by typing in telugu. You can also send unicoded format of songs. On either side of page, we will notify lyrics and according to your convenience we will send a pdf format also. We will drop a mail in a week the details and you can make a print. We will give you the details of mp3 songs if needed. If you encourage us in regarding we will move forward with Gods spirit. Pray for the ministry. Glory to God. In God’s service

Prayer Request